Car Class with Becca is for men, women, and young adults. The class goes over a typical inspection sheet that you would receive when you bring your vehicle in for service. As we go over the inspection sheet, you learn how to properly maintain your car and what services to avoid. You will learn how to extend the life of your car and how to save money on maintenance and extra repairs. You will learn how your car works, from the four strokes of an engine, to basic brake mechanics, to suspension set ups. As a result, you leave feeling empowered, full of knowledge that will help you be a better consumer. The class will also teach you how to change your tire and safely jump-start your car.

The car repair industry is set up in a way that compels its workers to sell extra work or repairs that may not be necessary. Technicians and Service Advisors are not paid hourly wages. Instead, they are only paid by the jobs they sell and complete. They can't survive off just oil changes; therefore, they are forced to sell extra work. Of course, sometimes that work is needed, and you will learn all about what those services are and when and why to complete them. However, sometimes that extra work isn't necessary. Sometimes, the shop is looking to take advantage of you. This class will prepare you for those moments, and you will be wiser when you leave the class.

Covered topics

  • engine/Transmission/gear oil

  • coolant/radiator  

  • A/C

  • brakes

  • power Steering

  • Tires

  • Changing your tire

  • Jump starting your car

  • Air Filter

  • cabin filter

  • suspension

  • exhaust

  • battery

  • alternator

  • drive belts

  • engine performance